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    Internal Colour

    Sketch/Drawing Upload

    Draw lantern roof in plan view. Please provide external eaves beam sizes ensuring the outside of the eaves beam sits flush with your external upstand.

    Allowed file types: .pdf, .jpg, .jpeg, .png

    External Eaves Size

    Product U-Value Solar Heat Reflection Light Transmission Self Cleaning
    Ambi Blue 1.2 60% 47%
    Ambi Aqua 1.0 82% 30%
    Clear Self Clean 1.2 60% 37%
    Sunshade Blue 1.0 80% 34%
    Ambi Bronze 1.2 55% 38%
    Ambi Neutral 1.2 53% 45%

    Glass/Finials Options

    Glass Options

    UnglazedAmbi Blue 1.2Ambi Aqua 1.0Clear Self Clean 1.2Sunshade Blue 1.0Ambi Bronze 1.2Ambi Neutral 1.2

    Finials Required


    Site Delivery

    If left blank we will assume standard loading of 0.6 n/m2

    Extras Required/Comments

    Note: Korniche is a 25 degree fixed pitch.